The Proven Framework for Early-Stage Customer Experience

Your Brilliant Vision

You have a vision for your company. Your solution solves real customer problems. But can you ensure that your customers fully utilize your solution to see measurable business value? Can you define your true first value, consistently deliver that value, and then build on that value to deliver even more?

That’s where RetentionCX comes in.

We have a proven customer experience framework, tested over decades across multiple businesses, that helps you achieve your goals to build a durable, lasting business.

The Framework

1) Time to Value
You have a repeatable process to onboard your customers, and Initial product adoption is quick and shows immediate value.

2) Prescriptive Methodology
Your customers are authoritatively guided to more success over time, building on the unique value you bring.

3) Packaging
Offerings support you and your customer's growth together.

4) Technology & Data
You have the right visibility and the right automation to power ultimate productivity.

5) Employee Engagement
Your team feels empowered and enabled to meet objectives.

The RetentionCX Difference

The RCX framework is based on extensive experience working with multiple early-stage startups and scale-ups over two decades. In other words, the framework is a distillation of what works consistently in practice.

We operate as an integral part of your team, working across all levels to ensure complete adoption of a CX that drives measurable results. We work closely with your executive team, key leaders, and individual contributors.

We can guarantee you’ll see net retention improvements as a result of working with us in as little as one quarter.

”I’ve had the benefit of working with Joseph and RetentionCX twice in our journey to best serve our customers. Woven has a 98% customer retention rate over 5+ years, and in 2022 we grew existing customer revenue by 30%. You don’t get results like that without the type of structure and playbook that Joseph brings to the table.”

- Matt Goebel, CEO, Woven

”Having worked with Joseph Loria for several years, I can say he is one of the few that 'gets it' when it comes to amplifying the importance of the customer experience and having that show up in more revenue after the initial sale. Any company able to have RetentionCX as a co-pilot on their team will certainly benefit from accelerated results!”

- DJ Muller, CEO, Testimonial Tree

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

”Working with RetentionworCX has been a boon for our team. From CX Associate to CEO, we're more confident and authoritative when working with clients, from onboarding to experiencing first value and beyond. RetentionCX made an incredible impact immediately.”

- Cody Pittman, CEO, Duett

Our Customers

About Me

Hi, I'm Joseph Loria, Founder & CEO. I have over 20 years of senior leadership experience, with full post-sale ownership in 5 high-growth tech companies. As a result, my reference list of CEOs, executive peers, and team members is both lengthy and healthy. I've led global teams of up to 70 members and have venture capital, private equity, and bootstrap experience. I built a customer experience from scratch that led to a 10X exit, and I've reduced initial time to value by more than 60% in multiple businesses. I love early-stage customer experience and enjoy helping startups and scaleups double down on their successes.

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